Hey There! Welcome.

I'm Abigail and I'm honored to offer therapy for women in SF.

Maybe you're here because even though you look like you have it all together, inside there is a war going on. Inside you're bombarded with this inner critical voice that tells you you're not good enough. Inside you worry and doubt yourself, and you're sick and tired of it because you know it's holding you back and maybe even disrupting your relationships.

Imagine feeling confident and finding it easy to stay motivated and focused. Imagine feeling supported and having your needs met with ease. Imagine ending self-sabotage and self-doubt. Imagine healing anxiety, depression and even trauma through an awakening and healing journey of self-discovery.

This is what our work together can do. I am here to support you as a professional and fellow sister. My style is compassionate, collaborative, and empowering. Take a look around to learn more about my work and let me know how I can support you. 




What I Do

I offer therapy for women in San Francisco. I empower women with the tools to navigate some of life's most difficult challenges and guide them through a journey of self-discovery. Learn more about my specialties and services below.



Recovering from trauma doesn't need to be this long, painful process. With the latest research in neuroscience and somatic therapies you can release trauma at your own pace, in a safe and supportive way.

THerapy for women in sf

I offer Individual therapy for women in sf. Therapy is an opportunity to help you live with purpose and end the automatic reactivity. Therapy is more than just talk, it's an intentional place to reconnect to you, learn science-backed tools, and cultivate a life filled with meaning and joy.

issues i help women with

I specialize in helping women learn how to deal with anxiety, depression, self-esteem, sexual trauma, relationships and love.


In my experiences with Abigail, she consistently has demonstrated high ethical standards, and the skills of good judgment, personal and professional reliability, as well as possessing group organization and collaboration skills. She has taken a variety of personal life skills and experiences and has developed a very authentic and systemic approach for successfully engaging with clients.
— Nancy D, PhD DMFT, Professor and Clinican