I'm a therapist specializing in women's issues. 

Below are more details about some of the specific issues I help women with.


anxietY, depression, and SELF ESTEEM

As women we face unique challenges from sexist discrimination, the pressure to "have it all", body image, abortion, the journey of motherhood, and more. Even the strongest women battle with anxiety and depression.

Maybe you've been having difficulty staying motivated and focused. Maybe you're feeling overwhelmed with guilt and self-doubt. Maybe you worry what if constantly and catch yourself replaying past mistakes over and over again in your head. Maybe you feel sad for no reason. Maybe you're going through transitions and having a hard time feeling grounded.

If you want these struggles to end therapy can help you. You can end the internal struggle. You can live with more ease and joy. 


relationship iSSUEs and love

You're a woman who desires connection on a spiritual level with yourself and others. You may be in a relationship or searching for one. As much as you value and crave connection relationships feel risky for you. You don't often know how to ask for what you need or want, you get taken advantage of, and your insecurities can lash out as anger and irritability. 

Therapy can help you navigate relationship issues by giving you a place to practice authentic communication, learn to set boundaries, end toxic and co-dependent patterns, and heal attachment wounds. 


sexual trauma

Sexual trauma can leave you feeling broken, ashamed, and undeserving of love. Sexual trauma often shows up in a woman's life in unconscious, subtle ways. Even though you've experienced sexual trauma, you are probably a go-getter, someone who's career driven, outgoing, and to others very successful. But inside, something is telling you things are not okay. Your spirit yearns to feel alive and free. You want to feel safe and connected in your body. You want to find yourself, live authentically, and with purpose...and your intuition is telling you it's time to heal.

Therapy can help you learn the tools to heal trauma at your own pace. Learn more about my approach to treating trauma.